Sony issues 4.46 patch for 4.45 locked PS3s

ps3-updated-se7enA fix for the bonked 4.45 update last week that effectively locked users’ out of their PS3s has been issued. The fix involves downloading the 4.46 update to storage media or a USB device, activating safe mode, and manually installing the update.

See the full notice here.


Fix coming for bricked 4.45 firmware PS3s on June 27

PlayStation 3 Slim

Image Credit: Tech Radar

Many PS3 users were affected by the botched 4.45 firmware update, which effectively locked many out of their systems. Sony issued a statement regarding a fix for the problem, stating that a fix would be released on June 27:

“We have identified the issue related to the PlayStation 3 software update (version 4.45) that impacted a small number of PS3 systems earlier this week. A new PS3 system software update is planned to be released on June 27 that resolves the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

The company will post updates to the official forum support thread, so it’s worth keeping tabs on. A week is a lot, but rest assured angrily that a fix is on the way.

Sony to GameStop: “the flood gates are open” for PS4 pre-orders

sony-gamestop-ps4-memoGameStop sent out a memo this morning to their employees notifying them that Sony has allowed them to start taking “unlimited” pre-orders for the PS4, saying: “Starting now, through this weekend and until further notice, Sony has allowed us to take unlimited preorders beyond your current allotments. In other-words, the flood gates are open for PS4 system reserves, we will let you know when to stop preordering based on limited quantities.”  GameTrailers, who initially published the leaked memo, also noted that apparently one GameStop store started with 24 PS4 pre-orders, and saw that number rise to 138 by the day’s end. Speaking with SCEA CEO Jack Tretton last week, GameStop execs reportedly stated that they’d buy every single unit that could be manufactured.

“Starting now, through this weekend and until further notice, Sony has allowed us to take unlimited preorders beyond your current allotments. In other-words, the flood gates are open for PS4 system reserves, we will let you know when to stop preordering based on limited quantities.”

It looks like the flood gates have opened. Who’s placed a pre-order yet, or plans on reserving a PlayStation 4? Any thoughts on whether or not there will be shortages? Sound off in the comments below.

PS4 set for a November 13 launch?

PS4 Release Date: November 13? (Media Markt Poster)It looks like a European retailer may have given up the release date of the PS4: November 13. A poster by Media Markt shows the console with the tagline “Release: 13 November 2013.” Sony has already stated that the system will arrive in the holiday season, and will retail for €399 in Europe and £349 in the UK.

Sony reps have been close-mouthed about it, but if the release date is correct, than we may see it be released stateside around the same time (just in time for Black Friday)!

FIFA 14 will be the last new PS2 game ever

PlayStation 2After 13 years, the production of PS2 games will seemingly end with the release of Electronic Arts’ FIFA 14. Coming in September, the game will be the last new one to be released for the console since its release in 2000.

Sony officially discontinued the production of the console in January.

Rumor: PS3 coming September 2013, named PlayStation Omni

ps3The guys over at Dual Pixels claim to have unearthed information about the PS3’s upcoming successor. According to their source, the PlayStation 4 will not be named after the PlayStation 3, but will be given the name PlayStation Omni.

Apparently the PS Omni’s hardware will be able to produce graphics as well as Direct X 11-backed technology, like Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2. The Omni will be superior than the Wii U, which is expected, but not significantly — the same source says that the new Xbox will be more powerful than the Omni. Continue reading

Sony files a patent for a hybrid DualShock Move Controller that breaks apart

Sony's hybrid DualShock Move controller patentedSony has filed a patent for the design of a hybrid DualShock controller with Move components that breaks apart. A patent for the design was noted in 2008, but this patent, published by Free Patents Online on November 29, was filed in May 2011.

The “Hybrid Separable Motion Controller” blueprints show a controller which is designed to attach to one another and is equipped with a magnetometer, accelerometer, and an embedded speaker. It’s also mentioned that Sony’s PlayStation Eye is required for the controller’s use.

Check out the PDF of the official filing (original link here).

Sony’s Patent for a Hybrid DualShock Move Controller (US20120302347A1)

New Vita bundle comes with Unit 13 and 1 year of PlayStation Plus, avaiable next week for $299

PS Plus Instant Game Collection Vita BundleIn honor of the launch of PlayStation Plus on the Vita, Sony’s announced the PS Plus Instant Game Collection Vita Bundle. For just $299.99, the bundle includes a Vita 3G-WiFi system (no, this must be a lie), a 1 year subscription to PS Plus, a voucher for Unit 13, and a 4 GB memory card. PS3 users are also enticed to buy this bundle as in addition to a brand new Vita, the 1-year subscription can also be added on to a member’s current subscription.

Black Friday: 525k PS3s and over 160k Vitas sold

While the Xbox 360 sold 750,000 units on Black Friday, Sony’s Black Friday sale also proved to be a success (a highly needed one), with the company moving over 525,000 PS3s and 160,000 Vitas (finally, some more positives for the handheld). On the shopping holiday, PS3 bundle sales increased by 15%, while total hardware, software, and peripheral sales increased too. Sony attributed the success to the Ultimate PlayStation Value Bundle, which included a 250GB PS3 and the Uncharted Dual Pack and inFAMOUS Collection for $199, and “Quickly sold out at retailers across the U.S.”

The Vita, which really needed the boost in sales numbers, also managed to move units off store shelves. The Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation bundle sold out at retail in less than five hours, while the Black Ops: Declassified and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Bundles were gone by week’s end. Also, PlayStation Plus subscriptions jumped by 259% compared to last Black Friday’s number.

Well done, Sony.