PlayStation Mobile announced, includes PS-Certified devices, Lemmings and Super Crate Box

PlayStation Mobile has been announced, which is a new service much like Apple’s App Store, allowing access to thousands of games from both big publishers and indie developers. If you buy game on one device, it’s available on all of your other PS-Certified devices. Among the games that’ll launch with the service include Lemmings and Super Crate Box.

The service will launch later in 2012 and will be available on PS-Certified devices such as Xperia phones, the Vita and the newly announced ASUS and Wikipad devices.


Killzone Mercenary revealed as a PS Vita exclusive

Killzone Mercenary has been announced as a PS Vita exclusive at Sony’s gamescom press conference. In a short trailer the player is shown taking out contracts on their friends, killing with touch screen and melee attacks. No release date was mentioned.

Stay Tuned.

Watch Sony’s Gamescom press conference live next Tuesday

Sony Press Conference Gamescom CountdownSony’s Gamescom press conference will be streaming live online on Tuesday, August 14 at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific. The PS3 redesign isn’t expected to be announced this year, but Sony has announced big things at Gamescom in the past (i.e. the PS3 Slim).

Patcher: “Vita’s too expensive for most”


Michael PatcherIn an interview with VG24/7, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher said that the PS Vita is “too expensive for most consumers,” as it’s nearly the same price as the PS3, and that until the library of games available to the handheld gets a boost, sales will remain slow.

“Vita’s too expensive for most, priced pretty much the same as the PS3 everywhere. While I think the Vita is a good value and a great device, when compared to the PS3 it’s pretty expensive.


Also, there is not much of a library of Vita games, so sales will probably be slow until we see more content.”

He also took a jab at the 3DS, calling it “not all that compelling.”

In recent sales charts the Vita has performed less than amazing, selling less units in Japan than the older PSP. Sony’s expected to release a sales report regarding the Vita in its Q1 FY12 financial report.


PS Vita Sales Drop in Japan, Lags Behind PSP

PS Vita

Japanese hardware sales charts have reported abysmal numbers for Vita sales, falling behind the nearly eight year old PSP. Selling just under 12k models, the Vita fell behind the PSP, which sold 13k. The 3DS remained atop the charts, followed by the PlayStation 3.

As the slew of games for the Vita starts to slow down, sales may drop even more, especially now that rumor is that Vita developers are jumping ship in favor of the Wii U. If Sony doesn’t react fast, will the Vita go the way of its predecessor? See the charts below.


1. Nintendo 3DS: 44,399 (last week: 47,063)
2. PlayStation 3: 15,214 (14,813)
3. PlayStation Portable: 13,058 (11,004)
4. PlayStation Vita: 11,932 (13,427)
5. Wii: 9002 (6747)
6. Nintendo DS: 1343 (1140)
7. PlayStation 2: 1093 (1197)
8. Xbox 360: 865 (930)


1. [WII] Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition – 100,286
2. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 – 92,178
3. [3DS] Rune Factory 4: A Fantasy Harvest Moon – 85,955
4. [PSP] Digimon World Re:Digitize – 85,817
5. [PS3] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2012 – 62,740
6. [3DS] Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb – 31,741
7. [PSP] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2012 – 28,142
8. [PSP] New Class of Heroes Mono: Toki no Gakuen – 19,284
9. [PSP] Warriors Orochi 3 Special – 18,136
10. [PSV] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2012 – 16,837
11. [PSP] Record of Agarest War Mariage – 14,556
12. [PSP] Toki no Kizuna: Sekigahara Kitan – 13,667
13. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D – 12,820
14. [WII] Mario Party 9 – 10,969
15. [PSP] Ailu de Puzzle – 10,738
16. [3DS] Little Battlers eXperience: Explosive Boost – 10,244
17. [3DS] Tousouchuu: Shijou Saikyou no Hunter-Tachi Kara Nigekire! – 9603
18. [PSP] Toriko: Gourmet Survival! 2 – 9494
19. [3DS] Pocket Soccer League: Calciobit – 8685
20. [3DS] Etrian Odyssey IV: Denshou no Kyojin – 7217

Sony Responds to Overheating Vitas (For Real This Time)


After news of Vitas overheating while charging hit the web today, Sony accused users of exposing the charging ports to liquids, causing the problem. Now Sony has come clean, revealing the true cause of the problem:

“SCE confirmed that a small number (23 in Japan) of PS Vita’s and USB cable’s multi-use port were damaged during recharging, and have reported them to NITE (National Institute of technology and Evaluation). The cases were caused by partial short-circuit on the multi-use port of PS Vita and USB cable due to small particles or liquid attached to it. We believe this is not product oriented issue. The short-circuit damaged the multi-use port, resulting in being unable to boot the system.”

Some Vitas Burning While Charging

PS Vita

Someone at Sony is getting fired. Japanese government officials have launched an investigation into the Vita after reports of the charging port burning while plugged in.

Japanese newspaper Yomiuri reported that since it’s launch there have been a total of 31 cases of burning Vitas, 23 in Japan and 8 in the UK, Australia and North America. And in a grand gesture of kindness, Sony stated that:

“..The problem is not related to product malfunction and instead with people getting liquids or other objects in the port. Those with a burnt connector will have to pay for their own repairs.”

They have not made any recalls for the Vita. If the problem grows out of hand, Vita sales may take a hit, which is the last thing Sony needs. Needless to say, I’m still going to get a Vita. What about you guys?