Spelunker HD update and DLC exploring the PSN starting August 28

Spelunker HDTozai Games’s PSN game Spelunker HD will receive a free update and new DLC on August 28th, just two years after its initial debut. The update will adjust the camera in online multiplayer and will bring 10 new “Championship Mode” stages for free. Following these updates are seven more Championship Mode packs, each adding 10 stages each (70 new stages!). And since these are so called “brutal stages,” you’ll start with 50 lives instead of 5. Also two more unnamed DLC packs will be coming in September.

For two weeks after the update, Spelunker HD and the DLC will be sold at half price for PS Plus subscribers. PS Plus members will also be able to grab each Championship Mode pack for free, while everyone else can get them for $1.99/€1.99 each.


Red Dead Redemption is September’s game of the month on PS Plus

PS Plus will be updated with new content, shown off at Sony’s gamescom press conference. Red Dead Redemption will be September’s game of the month. PS Plus will be available to European subscribers with 25% of store items starting September 5. PS Plus users will also get an extra 512 MB, making upgraded from 150 MB to 1 GB of storage space, allowing more room for game saves and whatnot.

PS Plus will also be coming to the Vita.

EDIT: This article was corrected to show that PS Plus users initially had a storage space of 150 MB, not 512 MB.

What You Didn’t See Here: Rod Fergusson joins Irrational Games, ex-Kingdoms of Amalur devs get a new home

What didn’t I get around to posting? Well Gears of War developer Rod Fergusson left Epic to join the BioShock Infinite team at Irrational Games, Ripstone teamed up with Sony for PS Plus Presents, Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma is coming to the PS3 soon, the Ex-Kingdoms of Amalur developers were given a new home at Epic’s newly formed Impossible Studios, a PlayStation All-Stars Sweet Tooth strategy video was released, and the Grand Theft Auto V trailer was recreated inside Battlefield 3. Continue reading

PS Store Update, Aug. 07 2012 — Sound Shapes, UC3 Tournament Tickets, Firefight and more

EDIT: This is the August 7th update.

PS Plus and the PS Store have been updated for North America, bringing Sound Shapes to the PS3 and Vita, a Darksiders II Season Pass, Uncharted 3 Tournament Tickets, and two free episodes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead for PS Plus subscribers. Catch the full rollout after the jump. Continue reading

PS Plus subscribers get 2 episodes of The Walking Dead Episode free (and more!) in August

The Walking Dead

(Image Credit: PC Gamer)

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get the first two episodes of The Walking Dead (A New Day and Starved) for free starting August 7. Non-PS Plus subscribers can get them for $4.99 each. In addition, PS Plus subscribers will get 20% off The Expendables 2, the shooter based on the movie, available tomorrow.

Next week PS Plus subscribers are eligible for 20% off SoundShapes for PS3 and Vita, and will be able to pre-order Papo & Yo with a 20% discount plus an exclusive theme.