Sony issues 4.46 patch for 4.45 locked PS3s

ps3-updated-se7enA fix for the bonked 4.45 update last week that effectively locked users’ out of their PS3s has been issued. The fix involves downloading the 4.46 update to storage media or a USB device, activating safe mode, and manually installing the update.

See the full notice here.


Firmware update 2.0 brings PlayStation Plus to the Vita

PS Vita: Firmware 2.0 UpdateIf you haven’t upgraded already, you should know that Sony’s released the 2.0 firmware update for the Vita, which brings the beloved PlayStation Plus to the handheld. In addition to that, the update also adds the ability to use the web browser while in-game, and wireless PC syncing (transfer content between your PC, PS3, and Vita). An Email app is now on the home screen, and the Maps app can now show weather information.

Also, Turkish has been added as a language, and players can now choose how they’d like to be alerted by a notification.