PS Plus Update – August 28 – Borderlands is completely free

The latest PlayStation Plus perks have been announced, and will start rolling out on Tuesday, August 28.

Starting tomorrow, Lights, Camera, Party! will be discounted from $29.99 to $15, Space Channel 2: Part 5 will be $2.99 (down from $4.99), and Spelunker HD will be $5 (down from $9.99). Also, Spelunker HD‘s DLC has also been discounted.

The big deal is Borderlands, which will be free starting on September 4. The game’s DLC will also be cut in price. Daytona USA will also be on sale for $2.99, while Greed Corp has been discounted to $2.50.

Sony has mentioned that more info will be released soon on the PS Plus’s move to Vita, as well as the cloud save storage update (from 150 MB to 1 GB).