The Walking Dead: 400 Days is here (but you already knew that)

The Walking Dead: 400 DaysThis is a (really) late post. The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC ($4.99) has finally hit the PSN for PS3 today. Continue reading


Ride to Hell: Retribution released today in North America

Ride to Hell: RetributionRide to Hell: Retribution is now available for North American PS3 users. European users won’t get to see the biker until June 28. In the meanwhile, check out the launch trailer after the break. Continue reading

Muramasa Rebirth available for Vita today

Muramasa Rebirth Vita (Screen #2)Vanillaware’s Muramasa Rebirth is now available for the PS Vita. In the game, you’ll take up the stories of possessed princess Momohime or fugitive ninja Kisuke as travel through Japan in search of the Demon Blades. Hit the jump for more info, screens and the launch trailer. Continue reading

Gran Turismo 6 pre-order trailer: What would you do with $1 million?

The Gran Turismo 6 15th Anniversary Edition was revealed yesterday along with regular pre-order bonuses. Ordering from GameStop would net you 20 special cars (among other bonuses), while going with Amazon will bring with it $1 million in in-game credits and four bonus cars. So if you can’t decide where to pre-order GT6 from, Polyphony Digital has released a pre-order trailer for Amazon, showing off just what you could do with $1 million in cold, hard, virtual cash. You can place your order at Amazon here.

Deadpool launch trailer: bang, babes, mayhem

Activision has released the launch trailer for the upcoming game Deadpool, and it has everything you’d expect: Deadpool’s humor, craziness and over-the-top action. Look for the game later today for the PS3 (as well as the 360 and PC).

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z announced, trailer and screens within

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (Goku God)Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has been announced for the PS3, Vita and Xbox 360. Namco Bandai’s calling it “the ultimate brawl,” and is a title that “fans can’t afford to miss,” according to SVP Olivier Comte.

“The Dragon Ball games continue to thrill fans across Europe, and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z brings some very exciting new features to the series. The large scale cooperative team melee battles are like nothing players have seen before in a Dragon Ball game. Fans can’t afford to miss it.”

Battle of Z will feature four-player co-op battles, eight-player versus matches and, of course, solo play. So far no official release date has been mentioned. Click on for the trailer and screens below (courtesy of AGB)! Continue reading

Gaming with your Mom can be hilarious and priceless

As a part of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s video game week, Fallon called upon his viewers to send in clips of them playing video games with their moms. The end result: awkwardness, confusion, and hilariousness. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Watch Dogs on Jimmy Fallon: a sex doll, stalking, and a car chase

As a part of video game week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Watch Dogs made an appearance, and gameplay was shown off. The footage featured a sex doll, creepily stalking a woman to then chasing down her assailant via a foot-to-car chase, and more. Aisha Tyler described the game as one that “feels like it has all the components of Grand Theft Auto but its bigger and more exciting. It’s an open-world hacking game, but you can be stealthy, you can be a spy, you can be balls-out shooting, you can be driving. Every single thing you want to do in a game, you can do in this game and it’s very cool.”