PS4 set for a November 13 launch?

PS4 Release Date: November 13? (Media Markt Poster)It looks like a European retailer may have given up the release date of the PS4: November 13. A poster by Media Markt shows the console with the tagline “Release: 13 November 2013.” Sony has already stated that the system will arrive in the holiday season, and will retail for €399 in Europe and £349 in the UK.

Sony reps have been close-mouthed about it, but if the release date is correct, than we may see it be released stateside around the same time (just in time for Black Friday)!


Rumor: PS3 coming September 2013, named PlayStation Omni

ps3The guys over at Dual Pixels claim to have unearthed information about the PS3’s upcoming successor. According to their source, the PlayStation 4 will not be named after the PlayStation 3, but will be given the name PlayStation Omni.

Apparently the PS Omni’s hardware will be able to produce graphics as well as Direct X 11-backed technology, like Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2. The Omni will be superior than the Wii U, which is expected, but not significantly — the same source says that the new Xbox will be more powerful than the Omni. Continue reading

Is Ubisoft interested in Cliff Bleszinski?

It looks like Ubisoft may have taken a liking to ex-Epic Games employee Cliff Bleszinski. In a recent tweet, Cliff was surprised by an unexpected package from Ubisoft while staying at a hotel, which contained a fully charged phone (with a Ubisoft logo-emblazoned background) with just one number in the contact list.

Ubisoft is being pretty spy-like with this. Check back for updates.

Is Sony making a movie about console wars? 18 “Console War movie” domains registered

PlayStation 4 Concept ArtSony Pictures, the film production branch of Sony, has registered 18 domain names, all of them having to do with a “Console War movie,” according to Fusible. The domains registered on August 23 include,, and 16 more similar domain names. Although Sony Pictures registered all of the names and Sony Computer Entertainment was (seemingly) not involved, Fusible did suggest that this could be a marketing scheme for the PS4 (which seems like a pretty damn good idea).

So far there’s nothing at the domains, but I’ll definitely keep you posted if something comes up.

Crash Bandicoot spotted in PlayStation All-Stars! (unconfirmed)

Crash Bandicoot in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle RoyaleSony, unable to keep secrets a secret, has had yet another screenshot of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale leaked to the net, this time showing off true PlayStation All-Star Crash Bandicoot as a playable character. There’s no confirmation on whether the image is real or not, but it matches up with a leaked photo of Sackboy and Raiden, even down to the thumbnails.

Sackboy, Tomba, Ape Escape‘s Spike, and possibly PS2-era Ratchet have been spotted among the thumbnails. So far neither Sony nor SuperBot Entertainment have confirmed it, but with gamescom 2012 coming up soon we may finally get official word on the game, so until then take this news with a grain of salt.

Who else is excited to see Crash?

The Final Hour: SSX for $40, GRID 2, Firefight DLC, Sackboy and Raiden for PlayStation All-Stars

Well since I can’t cover everything (even though I try), here are some of the more notable things that I missed today.

Okay, so this technically was posted 20 minutes after the final hour, but at least I got it posted. Continue reading

Black Ops 2 single player, multiplayer, weapons and zombie info leaked (Unconfirmed)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Dualshockers has released a slew of leaked information (via an anonymous source alleged to be from within Activision) about Black Ops 2, including the single player story, multiplayer perks, killstreaks and weapons, information on zombies and more. Oh yeah, and diving to prone is back (awesome). So far the information remains unconfirmed.

Single Player:


“The story revolves two things. First around Frank Woods as an old man talking about his missions with Alex Mason, giving tips on how to defeat Raul Menendez which you flash back to and are able to play. Other part of the story involves Raul Menendez, a terrorist that eventually controls the worlds drone army, starting a world war. Menendez has presence in the flashback missions as well, showing how he rose to power over the years.

Although there is spoilers here, I will not reveal the ending, which sounds pretty damn good from what I heard.

As said in interviews, some of your actions dictate how the game plays out.

Single player has perks, and special ones are ones such as brute force. What this means is through a single player level there are certain areas of the game you can only access if have this perk. This will allow you to break a lock and get special grenades or extra guns for example.

Diving to prone is back.

Nuketown will be back in a futuristic setting.
DLC will be in map packs, unlike MW3.”

Continue reading

PS3 edition of Assassin’s Creed 3 to have 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay?

Assassin's Creed 3 (PS3 Exclusive Edition)Over at Amazon UK the box art for the PS3 edition of Assassin’s Creed 3 has been marked as an “exclusive edition,” and will include “60 minutes of exclusive gameplay” (this so far looks like it only applies to the PS3 version). It’s unknown what the extra 60 minutes includes, and Ubisoft has not commented on the matter, so it remains unconfirmed.

I’ll keep you posted.

Is this a screenshot of a new Prince of Persia reboot?

POP_ZERO_2What you see above could be a screenshot of a brand new Prince of Persia game, labeled POP_ZERO_2. The image was posted on the official Ubisoft forums. If the screen is legit, that means we could see a black Prince living closer to Egypt, as seen by the clothing and setting of the image.

If you didn’t know, Prince of Persia Zero was the codename for a cancelled project by Ubisoft, where they were planning to do something radical with the series (Taking it into the modern-day?). However, Kotaku says to take heed, saying:

“While there are signs this really could be from an in-development build of the game – the crowd is “floating”, the visuals are pretty rough and they all appear to be looking straight ahead…at his junk – I also shouldn’t need to tell you how easy it is to fake something like this.”

Interestingly enough, the image leaked looks similar to pictures posted on NeoGAF in May. So is this a new Prince of Persia game? Sound off in the comments!