The Walking Dead: 400 Days is here (but you already knew that)

The Walking Dead: 400 DaysThis is a (really) late post. The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC ($4.99) has finally hit the PSN for PS3 today. Continue reading


PSN Update: Summer Blast sale starts today, Gran Turismo 6 demo, BF3

PSN Summer Blast Sale 2013The highlight of today’s PS Store update would be the kickoff of the PSN Summer Blast sale, a multi-week event that discounts games all across the network. A wide selection of games have been discounted up to 60% for regular members, and up to 80% for the same items for PS Plus subscribers.

As for the store update, two new full PS3 games, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War ($19.99) and Tour De France 2013 100th Edition ($49.99), are now available. MLB The Show: Home Run Derby is now on the PSN for $5.99. And there’s even more. Catch the full update here.

Catch the full lineup for the Summer Blast sale after the break. Continue reading

Proteus, the award-winning pixelated adventurer, coming to PS3 and Vita this fall

ProteusProteus, the award-winning PC indie game will be making its way to the PS3 and Vita this fall. Curve Studios, working with the original developers Ed Key and David Kanaga, made it possible for the game to make the jump from the PC to console.

Described as “unique,” Proteus is “all about exploration, mystery, color and sound,” and “getting immersed in a dreamlike world.” The first-person pixelated adventure game is procedurally generated, meaning the game is different each time it’s played.

ProteusThe experimental game takes you through all four seasons of the island to the end — if there really is an “end,” in the traditional sense: it’ll be nearly impossible to see everything the game has to offer with one play through. Plus, the simplicity of it all is what makes it amazing: there are no scores, leaderboards, or checkpoints. So sit back and enjoy the world, and the music and sounds, which is what makes the game so special.

Curve Studios Marketing Manager Rob Clarke also noted that they’ve “been working with Ed to make the PS Vita and PS3 versions even better than the original, and over the next few months we’re going to have more information on how we’re using the power of PS3 and PS Vita to bring the absolute best Proteus experience to you guys.”

Proteus will be a Cross Buy title, and will be arriving in the coming months. If you can’t wait, it’s available on Steam for $10.

Contrast screenshots and artwork look pretty sweet

Contrast Artwork #1Compulsion Games’ platformer Contrast has gotten a little more familiar with the release of screenshots and artwork.

In Contrast, users take up the story of Dawn, an imaginary friend of Didi’s, as she assists her in “reuniting her parents as she uncovers truths and drama.” Also, Laura Ellis features in the game’s amazing jazz-based soundtrack.

Contrast will reach the PSN later this year.

Muramasa Rebirth available for Vita today

Muramasa Rebirth Vita (Screen #2)Vanillaware’s Muramasa Rebirth is now available for the PS Vita. In the game, you’ll take up the stories of possessed princess Momohime or fugitive ninja Kisuke as travel through Japan in search of the Demon Blades. Hit the jump for more info, screens and the launch trailer. Continue reading

Reminder: PSN undergoing maintenance today from 12:30PM to 7PM

PlayStation NetworkJust a heads up. Routine PSN maintenance will be carried out from 12:30PM EST (9:30AM PST) to 7PM EST (4PM PST). The PlayStation Store, PS Home and account management will be inaccessible during the time period, but online play will still be available ONLY IF you sign in before maintenance starts (so sign in, now).

Bethesda cuts prices of PSN content: Oblivion, Dishonored, and Fallout 3

elder-scrollsBethesda has issued price changes for PSN content, reducing the prices of select content as follows:

  • Oblivion: Shivering Isles — $9.99
  • Dishonored — $29.99
  • Fallout 3 Add-Ons (Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta) — $4.99 each

Prices of XBL and Steam content have been changes as well!

Hotline Miami release date announced, coming this Tuesday

Hotline MiamiAfter giving a general time frame yesterday, the official Twitter account of Hotline Miami has announced that the game will be arriving on the PSN on Tuesday, June 25. The game will have new features, including a new mask, “Russel the Bull,” which turns the world black and white with the exception of the tons of red blood, leaderboards, Trophies and touch screen targeting (Vita version).

Hotline Miami will support Cross-Buy, so make sure you pick it up when it goes live.

Velocity Ultra ready to launch on Vita July 2

Velocity Ultra

Image Credit: PlayStation Flickr

FuturLab has announced that Velocity Ultra will be released for the Vita on July 2. The game will feature online leaderboards, Trophies (even Platinum!), native resolution artwork and “flawless 60FPS action.” It’ll also feature “the same kick-ass soundtrack by Joris de Man,” which is also now available for purchase online.

Regarding a sequel, the developer noted, “we’ll see what we can do.” Velocity Ultra will run you $7.99 for a 220MB download.