FIFA 14 will be the last new PS2 game ever

PlayStation 2After 13 years, the production of PS2 games will seemingly end with the release of Electronic Arts’ FIFA 14. Coming in September, the game will be the last new one to be released for the console since its release in 2000.

Sony officially discontinued the production of the console in January.


Watch PlayStation’s gamescom 2012 conference live in 5 minutes

Catch PlayStation’s gamescom press conference live at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST. That’s in 3 minutes exactly (ignore the image). So head on over to the official livestream site and get ready.

What You Didn’t See Here: Rod Fergusson joins Irrational Games, ex-Kingdoms of Amalur devs get a new home

What didn’t I get around to posting? Well Gears of War developer Rod Fergusson left Epic to join the BioShock Infinite team at Irrational Games, Ripstone teamed up with Sony for PS Plus Presents, Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma is coming to the PS3 soon, the Ex-Kingdoms of Amalur developers were given a new home at Epic’s newly formed Impossible Studios, a PlayStation All-Stars Sweet Tooth strategy video was released, and the Grand Theft Auto V trailer was recreated inside Battlefield 3. Continue reading

Watch Sony’s Gamescom press conference live next Tuesday

Sony Press Conference Gamescom CountdownSony’s Gamescom press conference will be streaming live online on Tuesday, August 14 at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific. The PS3 redesign isn’t expected to be announced this year, but Sony has announced big things at Gamescom in the past (i.e. the PS3 Slim).

Grand Theft Auto III and War of the Monsters hitting the PSN next week

Grand Theft Auto 3Good news everyone! On the latest Official PlayStation Blogcast it was announced that Grand Theft Auto III will be coming to the PlayStation Network next week on Tuesday, July 31 in North America. $9.99 will get you the game in its original PS2 version (that means no Trophies or upgrades). GTA 3 is in-arguably one of the best games released on the PS2, and during it’s time (heck, even now) helped set the bar for the games we play today.

Also, the PSP versions of GTA: Chinatown Wars and The Warriors will soon be made Vita compatible. Plus War of the Monsters, a 3D fighting game in which Godzilla and King Kong-like monsters take on each other in urban settings. I haven’t played the game before, but apparently this PS2 hit is definitely worth checking out.