The Last of Us coming May 7, catch the official VGA 2012 trailer

After being unveiled at the VGAs last Friday, the official story trailer for Naughty Dog’s upcoming The Last of Us leaked to the internet for everyone to see. And if you were expecting an Uncharted-like experience, you won’t find it here. In this latest trailer, the Infected make their first appearance in in-game footage, death is everywhere, humans are just as dangerous as ever, and survivors have anything but an easy, well, survival.

Naughty Dog announced that The Last of Us is scheduled for a May 7th North American and European release date.


VGA 10: Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer

The VGA’s are coming up, and more teaser trailers hit the web as the event nears. The latest clip to hit the web is a Tomb Raider teaser trailer (via IGN). Enjoy.

Inafune: Soul Sacrifice will be playable at TGS, “suprise” announcement will be made

Soul SacrificeIn a blog post today, Keiji Inafune confirmed that Vita RPG Soul Sacrifice will be playable at this year’s TGS at Sony’s booth. Inafune added that he’s looking forward to the feedback from the players who manage to get a hands-on of the game at the show.

He also mentioned that that a non-Soul Sacrifice “suprise” announcement will be made.

Feel free to say what you think the announcement will be in the comments below. $10 to the person who’s prediction is correct come next week (not really).

Pax Prime 2012: God of War: Ascension panel highlights released

Sony has released the highlights from the God of War: Ascension Pax Prime 2012 panel, which feature lead designer Mark Simon, principal character artist Patrick Murphy, series writer Marianne Krawczyk, and game director Todd Papy. GoW: Ascension is slated for a March 12 release in North America, March 13 in Europe, March 14 in Australia and New Zealand, and March 15 in the UK.

Sega, THQ, Tecmo Koei and others sign on with PlayStation Mobile

PlayStation MobileAlthough not a lot is known about Sony’s PlayStation Mobile, the company did start announcing developers who have signed on to create content for the new Android / Vita platform. Among the list of developers revealed included Sega, THQ, Tecmo Koei, Action Button Entertainment, Necrosoft, Team 17, Vlambeer, and more. In total, 38 international companies and 46 Japanese companies were on the list. There are a lot more big name developers partnered up, so catch the full list below (with translations by Joystiq)! Continue reading

Among thieves at gamescom: some jerk stole the early builds of Divinity games

Divinity: Original SinWell two days into gamescom and the fun is already ruined for someone. A thief made off with two of Larian Studios’ PCs, each loaded up with early builds of Divinity: Dragon Commander and Divinity: Original Sin. Larian issued a press release offering a $5000 reward for information leading to the location of the PCs and the thief with them.

But luckily Larian had backup PCs, saying “The team is using backup PCs, so no issues there.”

Brad Wong and Eliot revealed as two more Dead or Alive 5 fighters

Team Ninja has revealed that Brad Wong and Eliot as two more fighters in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5.

Brad Wong is a returning character and practices Zui Quan, attacking opponents with fast strikes and odd movements.

Eliot is a Xing Yi Quan prodigy, trained under master Gen Fu. Known as the “immovable apprentice,” he’s the youngest DOA tournament contender, and maintains a respectful manner until battle starts.

Dead or Alive 5 is scheduled for a September 28 release on PS3 and Xbox 360.

007 Legends gets Die Another Day and a License to Kill

007 LegendsActivision confirmed today that 007 Legends will feature Die Another Day and License to Kill. Toby Stevens will return to take the role of Gustav Graves in Die Another Day, and and Cary Lowell will reprise her role as Agent Pam Bouvier in a mission from License to Kill.

And yes, Graves and Bouvier will be paired with the Daniel Craig-style Bond instead of the Pierce Brosnan or Timothy Dalton, bombarding him with questions instead of getting things done!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time delayed until 2013

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeSony has confirmed that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time‘s release has been pushed back to 2013. Sanzaru Games’s title was originally set for a late 2012 release, but has been rescheduled for an “early 2013” launch.

The game will launch on both the Vita and PS3, and will utilize Sony’s Cross Buy feature — buy the PS3 version and get the Vita free (and vice versa). Cross Play will also be included, and players will be able to unlock treasures in the console version with the Vita counterpart.