About PSA

(And about Jamal Ali-Mohammed.)

I started PlayStation Arena out of a love for gaming. So why PlayStation?

How can I say this without sounding like a major fanboy? I can’t.

PlayStation 2

Skinny? No way son, I had the fat PS2.

I grew up with PlayStation. My first console was a GameBoy Color (followed by a GameBoy Advance), but my real taste for the game — that is, video games — didn’t really take root until I got my first true console: a PlayStation 2. As a kid, I wasted hours upon hours in front of the TV playing Gran Turismo 3, my favorite PS2 game (second only to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas). Later in life I also got the original PSP, which I spent my own money on (I was 10 – 13 years old at the time). Although the PSP didn’t live out the life it should’ve, it’s still one of the most noteworthy consoles ever to hit the market.

Gran Turismo 3 (PS2)

Okay, well the graphics weren’t that polished, but the game was still awesome.

Now I still game, but sadly I don’t own a PS3 (YES, I KNOW, I’M SAVING UP). Funny enough, it’s still one of my favorite consoles. I get a lot of gaming time thanks to neighbors, supermarkets and friends, hah!

And finally, like many other gaming bloggers on the internet, I too hope to be a part of IGN’s staff someday!

If you’d like to contact me (preferably hire me, but not now), send me an email at jamal@playstationarena.com and I’ll get back to you asap.


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