Rumor: PS3 coming September 2013, named PlayStation Omni

ps3The guys over at Dual Pixels claim to have unearthed information about the PS3’s upcoming successor. According to their source, the PlayStation 4 will not be named after the PlayStation 3, but will be given the name PlayStation Omni.

Apparently the PS Omni’s hardware will be able to produce graphics as well as Direct X 11-backed technology, like Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2. The Omni will be superior than the Wii U, which is expected, but not significantly — the same source says that the new Xbox will be more powerful than the Omni.

Just as interesting, the source reports that the Omni will have an “omniviewer,” a “slick” head-mounted autosteroptic display that tracks a user’s head movements and will present a 360 image with semi-transparent AMOLED screens, basically transforming a TV into an augmented-reality providing 3D experience.

The Omni’s controller is rumored to have pulse sensors in its grips for “biofeedback gameplay.” It’s unknown whether it’ll be in the shape of the classic DualShock controller or if it’ll be the rumored Duo-Move pad.

As for the price: Sony is planning a 160GB system for $350-$399 and a bundle, which will include an omniviewer and a game for $450-$499.

New games in the works for the new console include next-generation Uncharted, Gran Turismo, WipeOut, a new Media Molecule title, and a title called Omni Fitness (which we can all confidently predict what the game will be about).

Dual Pixel’s source also notes that Sony is gearing up for a September 2013 release.

Remember guys, this is only a rumor, so take this with a (considerably large) grain of salt. On the other hand, who else really wants these features to come to the PS Omni (or PS4)? Also, how do you think the extra AMOLED screens will work?


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