Jack Tretton: Vita sales are ‘acceptable’

Speaking with GI.biz in an interview, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton defended the lackluster Vita sales, saying that the handheld’s sales numbers are “acceptable,” and going on to compare it to the PS3 — that although sales were poor at the start, the Vita will become profitable, much like it’s full-fledged console counterpart.

“I think there’s an acceptable number – and [the number] we’ve sold: That’s acceptable. If it was triple that, I’d be happier. If it was one-third, I’d be disappointed.


Anything with great rewards is going to come with great challenges, We felt if the tech was there, and the game support was there, then the audience would be there. I feel much better about it now than I did four months ago.”

Despite his words, Sony didn’t show much enthusiasm for the Vita back at E3 2012, where it didn’t get as much attention as expected. His statement also comes after the company admitted that they were having a hard time getting third-party developers to support the Vita.


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