The Last Guardian trademark ‘abandoned’ by Sony, still in development though?

The Last GuardianUpon news of Sony abandoning The Last Guardian trademark, the Internet nearly suffered a meltdown as users demanded the highly anticipated but “forever delayed” game. Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filed a “Notice of Abandonment,” informing Sony that the trademark is returning to the public domain.

However this does not mean that the game’s cancelled, simply that someone at Sony slipped up. The company filed for the trademark in 2009, but neither released The Last Guardian nor gave the trademark a statement of purpose. And just so, someone failed to re-register the trademark, allowing it to fall into an “abandonment” status as it expired and was not extended. And besides, even if the game was cancelled, they’d still hold onto the trademark to protect their property.

Right now Sony has two options: request an appeal or re-register the trademark. The trademark can’t be squatted on, as you have to prove that you intend to use it. Sony has yet to comment on the issue.


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