Successful games retailer owner selling his ‘life’ for $3.5 million on eBay

One word: insane. 29-year old Florida resident Shane Butcher has listed his “American Dream life” on eBay for $3.5 million. He’s also he owner of three R.U. GAME? stores, which are very successful. For $3.5 million, a buyer would get: 3 R.U. GAME? Stores, “With THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of video games,” his home office, his waterfront townhome, a 2009 Honda Accord, 2003 Honda Element and 2006 Lotus Elise, 3 kayaks, and A LOT more.

His video games collection includes a Starfox Super Weekend cartridge, Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Saturn, a boxed Neo Geo, a SNES super scope in the box, “100s of other obscure video games and collectibles” and a sizable Blu-ray collection along with two Blu-ray players.

The buyer will be mentored by Butcher for 6 months after the purchase. The buyer must pay a non-refundable “Good Faith” deposit (After all, what’s $10k if you have $3.5 million to spend?).

Butcher told the Baltimore Sun:

“There’s a lot of things we haven’t seen or gotten to do while we’ve been working so hard to grow the business. We’d like to see the landmarks throughout the country, the Grand Canyon, stuff like that. We’ll probably buy a camper and just travel for a while, go see some family.”

So who has $3.5 million I can borrow?

Catch a video of the millionaire at FOX News’s site.


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