Modern Warfare 3’s Chaos DLC trailer is mind-blowingly chaotic

Chaos mode. Unlimited weapons. Unlimited weapons. 4 new special ops missions. Activision released a new trailer for Modern Warfare 3‘s Chaos DLC pack, and it is awesome. Activision’s really working to keep MW3 re-playable (up until the launch of Black Ops 2?).

You can hopefully grab the Chaos DLC pack for the PS3 in September after the Xbox 360 30-day exclusivity period ends (bleh).

“Chaos Pack offers extensive solo and co-op gameplay for the Special Ops enthusiast, featuring four brand new Special Ops Missions – Vertigo, Arctic Recon, Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery – and Face Off maps – Vortex, U-Turn and Intersection.


Introducing a new way to play Call of Duty, Special Ops Chaos Mode delivers a frenetic form of combat that demands players to outlast waves of enemies, while chaining kills on maps littered in power-ups to achieve the highest possible score on fan-favorite multiplayer maps Resistance, Village, Underground and Dome.”


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