Shuhei Yoshida: SOCOM ‘is not done’

It seems that although Zipper Interactive has closed their doors, the SOCOM franchise is not over yet. In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, president of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida had a ‘never say never’ motto, acknowledging the series’ popularity:

“It’s not done. We never definitely retire any franchise. It’s sometimes great to have a fresh look at the classics that we have. We are launching a new Sly Cooper game this year after so many years. Never say never. I feel sorry for people who are longtime SOCOM fans, and there are many people who still play SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2, especially those seem to be their favorites.”

So , when will we see a new game added to the SOCOM series? Tell us what you think the comments below!


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