New Dishonored: ‘Daring Escapes’ trailer is pretty daring

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Dishonored named ‘Daring Escapes’, taking Corvo through three scenarios showing the assassin using his special abilities in combat. In the trailer, Corvo uses his Blink, Bend Time, and Possession abilities to take out guards. Dishonored comes to the PS3 on October 9th in the U.S. and the 12th in Europe.

“You’ve infiltrated the Boyle Mansion, but things have gone poorly and the City Watch is on your tail. What do you do?

In “Daring Escapes” discover three possible escape routes utilizing supernatural abilities available to Corvo: Blink, Bend Time, and Possession.

Choose Corvo’s escape plans by selecting The Long Jump, Sleep Tight, or Chain Possession.”


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