Some Vitas Burning While Charging

PS Vita

Someone at Sony is getting fired. Japanese government officials have launched an investigation into the Vita after reports of the charging port burning while plugged in.

Japanese newspaper Yomiuri reported that since it’s launch there have been a total of 31 cases of burning Vitas, 23 in Japan and 8 in the UK, Australia and North America. And in a grand gesture of kindness, Sony stated that:

“..The problem is not related to product malfunction and instead with people getting liquids or other objects in the port. Those with a burnt connector will have to pay for their own repairs.”

They have not made any recalls for the Vita. If the problem grows out of hand, Vita sales may take a hit, which is the last thing Sony needs. Needless to say, I’m still going to get a Vita. What about you guys?


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