Not Another PlayStation Blog!

Video Game Journalism!Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m just another person who wants to get a job at IGN and love out their dream for the rest of their lives. But then again, doesn’t everybody?

I grew to love videogames with the GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance and especially with the PlayStation 2. After watching my first E3 convention on G4TV in 2005, a channel I accidentally stumbled upon, I decided that I wanted to get into videogame journalism. That became my dream job. From then on, well, I was hooked on videogames, if that’s the appropriate way to describe it.

E3 2005

E3 2005: The Best Year Ever (via PlayStation Lifestyle)

But since then gaming has grown into something that I — hell, nobody — could even imagine. Now we’re seeing a shift from console games to more “casual gaming,” as Android phones (and the iPhone) — Videogames NOT on a major console?! Crazy! — have brought games to consumer’s mobile devices in the form of low-priced apps providing temporary satisfaction to a person looking for something to occupy their attention for more than 5 minutes, but not a full on game that takes time to get into. I can’t speak for everyone, but it seems that a lot of people who are into “mobile gaming” don’t care about the story of a game, just that it’s not boring. Hence why games like Temple Run and Angry Birds have dominated sales on iTunes. Now don’t get me wrong, Angry Birds is an awesome game, but it’s no Uncharted or Infamous.

But you know what? Gaming isn’t just console gaming. It’s everything, from your PC to PS3 and even to your mobile phone. And heck, we can even consider board games a form of videogames for all the “older” people out there. 

Yet nothing on a mobile device can provide the experience that a console can. That’s why most gamers continue to stick with their trusty console, even if you can’t stick it in your back pocket and take it with you conveniently. But most importantly, gamers are up for a great game, one that immerses them in a new universe and opens up a whole new perspective. That’s why I game.

…And you know what? I didn’t know where I was going with this post — but now it certainly appears to be heading in one direction: nowhere. So let’s get back on track.

I started this blog out of a love for PlayStation, which is probably why you too are reading this post. Of course, I appreciate the other consoles, and I do hit up games on other consoles quite often. But in the end, the brand that I’ll always be loyal to is PlayStation — no other platform has entertained me more.

I’m currently only in high school and I’ll be majoring in Journalism (or International Relations, maybe). So if anyone has any job offers, hold off for around 5 years (haha).

You can catch me on Twitter @CaptainOCrush or drop me a line at

Now it’s your turn: why are you a gamer?

*It was really hard to write this post — the first is always the hardest. So sorry if it isn’t professional enough for you! Crucify me in the comments below if you wish!


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